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Tim Bowcock - Head of Mortgage Services  

About Tim

Tim has worked with technology and people in the Australian lending industry for three decades now. The technology has come a long way - and Tim’s understanding of how to minimise interest charges has deepened along with it. He’s worked as a Mortgage Adviser in previous roles, so is passionate about fusing knowledge with technology to deliver good honest advice. When Tim’s not leading uno’s team of Experts, chances are he’ll be surfing on the NSW central coast - or even sneaking in a yoga class.


  • MFAA Initial Compliance Pack 
  • CERT IV in Financial Services (Finance/ Mortgage Broking) - 2006
  • Master of Management - 2001 (Macquarie Graduate School of Management) 

Contact Tim

Phone No: 02 9539 9765
Mobile No: 0405 258 178
Skype: uno-tim

Bronson Chan - Home Loan Expert

About Bronson

Bronson has over five years experience in the financial services industry. After graduating with a Bachelor of Economics in 2010, he worked for a FinTech firm before moving to Macquarie Bank, and recently to uno. Bronson is one of those super intelligent, super productive people - he’s a self-motivator with high energy and massive dedication to whatever challenge is in front of him. He also loves watching documentaries on all things philosophical and discussing new ideas.


  • Bachelor of Economics, Majoring in Banking and Finance - 2010 (University of Western Sydney)
  • CERT IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - 2016

Contact Bronson

Phone No: 02 9539 9771
Mobile No: 0413 319 392
Skype: uno-bronson

Kingsley Huang - Home Loan Expert

About Kingsley

Kingsley has experience in making connections between lenders, brokers, and customers. While he’s studying law part-time at the University of Sydney, Kingsley is also excited about expanding his experience in the mortgage industry. He’s fluent in both English and Mandarin, and loves playing tennis.


  • Juris Doctor of Law - current (University of Sydney)
  • CERT IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - 2016
  • Bachelor of Commerce - 2011 (University of Sydney)
  • RG146 Certificate in Financial Services - 2011
  • FNS20107 Certificate in Derivates - 2011

Contact Kingsley

Phone No: 02 9539 9776
Mobile No: 0402 744 925
Skype: uno-kingsley

Phillip Jiang - Home Loan Expert

About Phillip

Phillip has a mix of extensive experience and skills in retail banking, especially in lending. He’s worked as a credit assessor with Citigroup for more than five years, as well as in other roles with RAMS and Suncorp. Phillip has an incredibly positive attitude, and is passionate about providing customers with solutions in the mortgage finance industry. He's fluent in both English and Mandarin, and one day when he finishes his career in the mortgage business, he dreams of opening his own “you choose the price” restaurant. 


  • RG 146 (Tier II) - 2015 (Deakin University)
  • CERT IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - 2013
  • Master of Management - 1999 (Macquarie Graduate School of Management) 
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) - 1993 (Dalian University of Foreign Languages) 

Contact Phillip

Phone No: 02 9539 9761
Mobile No: 00401 889 792
Skype: uno-phillip

Carlo Monzo - Home Loan Expert

About Carlo

Carlo has worked as a mortgage broker for more than three years. He operated his own mortgage broking business before joining the uno team in June 2016, and he's passionate about real estate and property investment. When he's not helping people find better home loan deals through uno, you'll either find him on the tennis court, at the yoga studio (he and his wife own a studio in Sydney) or on the patio having a beer with friends. His colleagues at uno reckon Carlo's one of the nicest guys in Sydney. You'll think so too.


  • MFAA Initial Compliance Pack
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking

Contact Carlo

Phone No: 02 9539 9779
Mobile No: 0402 744 925
Skype: uno-carlo

William Ngo - Home Loan Expert

About William

William has more than 18 years’ experience in customer service. This experience has taught him the true meaning of “looking after people” - in his words. He’s worked across Telecommunications, Education, Utilities and Gaming industries, and as a qualified mortgage broker he’s now passionate about helping customers realise their financial goals. He’s also a keen poker player. 


  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking - 2012
  • MFAA Initial Compliance 
  • MFAA Initial Compliance - Anti-Money Laundering 

Contact William

Phone No: 02 9539 9770
Mobile No: 0423 304 347
Skype: uno-william

Geeta Warghade - Home Loan Expert

About Geeta

Before uno, Geeta spent four years in a busy mortgage broking business in Western Sydney. Geeta has extensive experience in contract of sales; how offers, deposits and cooling off periods work; and all types of home loans. She also speaks fluent Hindi and Marathi, too.


  • CERT IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - 2016
  • Diploma of Accounting - 2013 (Liverpool TAFE)
  • Master of Commerce - 2004 (Pune University)
  • Bachelor of Commerce - 2002 (Pune University)

Contact Geeta

Phone No: 02 9539 9774
Mobile No: 0431 296 625
Skype: uno-geeta

Annette Wilson - Home Loan Expert

About Annette

Annette’s been working in property for more than 15 years. She worked across a number of conveyancing and real estate agency roles before moving into the mortgage finance industry 10 years ago. Annette is passionate about customer service and helping people. Incidentally, she’s often the last one on the dance floor at a good party.


  • Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - 2016
  • Conveyancing Law and Practice - 2004 (Macquarie University) 
  • Advanced Certificate in Property Agency - 1994 

Contact Annette

Phone No: 02 9539 9775
Mobile No: 0403 417 665
Skype: uno-annette

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